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Welcome to Ready Harris Kids, your home for family preparedness education in Harris County. Scroll through the sections on this page to find information for Kids, Adults and Educators.

Ready Harris Kids presents Olivia the Preparedness Opossum! She is here to teach you all about preparedness in Harris County. Her fun activity book, along with all of the content on this page, is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic.


For Kids

Emergencies and disasters can happen anywhere, but there are ways to keep you safe. Check out Olivia the Preparedness Opossum’s fun activity guide to learn how to stay safe.

See how kids just like you are learning about preparedness in these videos.



For Adults

Preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. Emergencies and disasters can happen anytime in Harris County and being prepared now can save time, money and lives later. Below are some handouts on building an emergency kit and preparing for hurricane season.


For Educators

Bring preparedness into the classroom with our Kindergarten-5th Grade curriculum package. The curriculum features Olivia the Preparedness Opossum and is flexible while engaging students in a variety of skills. The curriculum is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Arabic.