Mitigation Planning

One of the Most Effective Tools a Community can use to Reduce Hazard Vulnerability is to Develop and Maintain a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Harris County is vulnerable to a wide range of natural hazards including flooding, tornadoes, tropical storms, and hurricanes. These hazards threaten the safety of residents and have the potential to damage property, disrupt the local economy, and impact the quality of life of residents of Harris County. While we cannot eliminate natural hazards, there is much we can do to lessen their potential impact upon our community and residents. Hazard mitigation planning identifies ways to reduce risk from natural hazards that may impact the County. 

To meet federal requirements and address the major growth in residential, commercial, and infrastructure development, Harris County completed the 2020 Harris County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Action Plan, the first update to the 2015 plan. The Harris County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Action Plan was approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on July 28, 2020.