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SPCA| Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas Braces For 100s of Injured Animals Once Hurricane Laura Hits Gulf Coast
(HOUSTON) August 26, 2020 – The Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas is preparing for hundreds of injured, newborn or sick wild animals to come into their care for medical treatment and rehabilitation after Hurricane Laura slams into the Gulf Coast. High winds and heavy rain can push newborn animals out of their nests, leaving them vulnerable or injured in possible flooded waters. The state’s largest and most sophisticated wildlife response center offers some tips to help native wildlife in need:
• Once it is safe to go outside, check under trees and inside fallen branches for babies that may have been blown out of the nest or waterlogged birds having trouble flying.
• Find a baby squirrel? Pick them up gently with a soft cloth and take them inside to dry off. If the baby feels cold to the touch, warm the baby squirrel with a heating pad set on low or by heat a sock filled with dry rice in the microwave for 30 seconds and place it near the baby. Please do not give food or water. Once warm and dry, you can bring him or her to the Wildlife Center.
• Find a wet bird? Pick them up with a soft cloth and place them inside a ventilated box large enough for them to stand. Do not give any food or water. Once warm and dry, the bird should be released outside. If the bird is unable to fly, please bring him or her to the Wildlife Center.
A comprehensive list of tips including how to help baby rabbits, fawns, opossums and turtles can be found on the Houston SPCA website under the Wildlife Center of Texas tab.
Anyone with questions about native wildlife found after Hurricane Laura should leave a message at 713.861.9453 (WILD) or email [email protected] Support can be given to the Wildlife Center here.