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Get Involved: Comment on the FCC’s Proposal for Wireless Emergency Alerts

Jan 10, 2018 Back

Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission took the first step in greatly improving the nation’s

Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system. The proposal by Chairman Ajit Pai to deliver life-saving alerts in a more geographically targeted manner is both bold and necessary.

The deadly hurricanes of 2017, the Las Vegas shooting, the attempted terror attack in New York City and catastrophic California wildfires have highlighted the need for WEA to be revamped so it is in line with today’s technology. Comments are currently being accepted on this topic (see instructions below).

Public safety officials strongly agree that using the GPS technology already in today’s phones that can be used to deliver a pizza to your current location should also be used to tell you that you are in danger and what to do to stay safe. Using the intelligence and location of the device is the easiest and quickest path forward.

We can do this now, and waiting beyond 2019 will simply put lives at risk.

Post an FCC Comment
We hope that you can take some time to add to our efforts. Filing an FCC Comment from your organization/jurisdiction or as an individual can help achieve geo-targeting and rich messaging capabilities for WEA that will help save lives.

See our guide below for how to upload your letter to the FCC’s e-filing system. The FCC will be discussing the timeline for the WEA updates at the end of this month. We encourage you to submit your letter by January 15th, 2018.

The technology already exists and the time to start the implementation is NOW. 

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