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Daily Recovery Report - September 13, 2017

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Daily Recovery Report

Hurricane/TS Harvey

13 September 2017


As of September 13:

  • FEMA: The Transitional Shelter Assistance Program (TSA) had 23,716 applicants (statewide); they were checked into 2,895 (statewide) hotels, and total hotel being utilized 2, 029 (statewide).
  • Total SBA awards totaled $143,000,000.

Shelter Update

As of September 13:

  • 2,302 people were sheltering at NRG Center.
  • 1,336 people were sheltering at the GRB Convention Center.
  • 29 people were sheltering at two additional American Red Cross sites.

Harris County Departments/Functions/Facilities

As of September 13: Harris County Flood Control District had reported an initial estimate of 136,000 flooded structures across the county. 

Public Infrastructure Department (PID)/Engineering

As of September 13:

  • 68 teams were doing preliminary damage assessments around the county.
  • 99 percent (902/908) of the county’s flood-damaged traffic signals were functional.
  • Twelve roads were washed out, and one bridge remained partially closed due to storm damage. 
  • Reported receiving an average of 250 calls per day at its call center.
  • Harris County Residential Debris, Ph# 713-274-3880,

Community Services Department (CSD)

As of September 13:

1,585 housing rental units listed. Calling to make sure individuals are actually listed.

857 have been reached and 631 units have been added in the last 2 weeks. The website is  (  Staffing DRC’s, DRS hours 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. 6 days a week Monday -Saturday. Continuing to staff NRG and helping people download Red Cross resources.


As of September 13:

No Updates

Institute of Forensic Sciences (IFS)

As of September 13: IFS reported 34 confirmed storm-related deaths in Harris County.

Public Health

As of September 13:

  • Five areas of Harris County were sprayed yesterday for mosquitoes.
  • The Environmental Public Health office had issued 15 “boil water” notices.
  • HCPH Mobile Units have been sent out since last week offering services in the communities
  • Continuing to coordinate health and medical services at NRG
  • Animal shelter in “Hall D” at NRG Center has been operating and will be open daily to the public.
  • Reported doing daily disease surveillance at NRG Shelter and other open shelters in Harris County (3).

Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)

As of September 13: Preparing volunteer organizations to assist individuals. 

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