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Daily Recovery Report Hurricane/TS Harvey 8 September 2017

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Daily Recovery Report 
Hurricane/TS Harvey
8 September 2017


As of September 8:

  • The Transitional Shelter Assistance Program (TSA) had 21,061 applicants; they were checked into 1,984 hotels.
  • Total SBA awards totaled $63,177,200.

 Shelter Update

As of circa 1:30PM today:

  • 1,584 people were sheltering at NRG Center.
  • 1,302 people were sheltering at the GRB Convention Center.
  • 93 people were sheltering at two additional American Red Cross sites.

Harris County Departments/Functions/Facilities

As of September 5: Harris County Flood Control District had reported an initial estimate of 136,000 flooded structures across the county. 
Public Infrastructure Department (PID)/Engineering

As of circa 1:30PM today:

  • Removal teams had taken away a total of 16,000 cubic yards of storm-related debris.
  • 68 teams were doing preliminary damage assessments around the county.
  • 99 percent (902/908) of the county’s flood-damaged traffic signals were functional.
  • Twelve roads were washed out, and one bridge remained partially closed due to storm damage. 
  • Reported receiving an average of 300 calls per day at its call center.

 As of circa 2:00PM yesterday: Announced that the Harris County Household Hazardous Waste Collection facility would be open this Saturday, September 9, to help with storm-related waste disposal.

 Community Services Department (CSD)

As of September 7: Reported that approximately 1,200 people sheltering at NRG Center had sought housing assistance from CSD.  One-hundred percent of them were displaced renters.


As of circa 2:00PM yesterday: HCTRA reported that the flooded section of Beltway 8 in west Houston had been cleared of water; however, the southbound lanes had sustained damage that will require repair before this stretch of road can be opened to traffic.

As of circa 3:30PM today: The TranStar Web site reported 18 high-water locations in Harris County.

 Institute of Forensic Sciences (IFS)

As of September 6: IFS reported 30 confirmed storm-related deaths in Harris County.

 Public Health

As of circa 1:30PM today:

  • Reported doing daily disease surveillance at NRG Shelter.
  • Eleven areas of Harris County were sprayed yesterday for mosquitoes.
  • Personnel were working with Arkema to take soil samples from within a 1.5-mile geographic radius around this facility.
  • The Environmental Public Health office had issued 41 “boil water” notices.
  • Food inspectors had discarded more than eight tons of food spoiled due to the storm.
  • Was assessing the health situation at Banana Bend.
  • Was addressing emergency WIC needs in identified communities with nearby HEB stores.
  • Had helped establish an animal shelter in “Hall D” at NRG Center.

 County Courts

As announced in a September 6 Harris County press release: The Civil Courthouse is fully functional.  However, the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) is closed indefinitely, and the Juvenile Justice Center is being assessed.  For now, Criminal district courts will move from the CJC to the Civil Courthouse and the Juvenile Justice Center (courtrooms will be combined); the site of juvenile and CPS dockets will be announced ASAP.  Check for updates regarding local courts on the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s “Ready Harris News” link:

 Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)

As of circa 1:30PM today: Reported that crisis-cleanup reporting was running some ten times the rate recorded in Harris County after the 2016 “Tax Day” floods.



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