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Hotline helping seniors, vulnerable populations sign up for cleanup assistance

Sep 08, 2017 Back

HOUSTON People needing support as they clean their homes and property damaged by Hurricane Harvey can sign up for help from the Cleanup Assistance Hotline at 1-844-965-1386.

The hotline will share the information of those requiring assistance with volunteer relief agencies and civic and community leaders. The hotline will give priority to vulnerable people such as seniors, the disabled or those with special needs.

The hotline closes Sept. 15 and will only sign up people who live in Texas.

People who experienced flooding need to clean and sanitize their homes to prevent or stop mold growth. They also need to remove and throw away many housing components such as sheetrock and insulation and numerous household items that can’t be washed or disinfected including furniture, mattresses and paper products. 

For more information about the hotline, visit

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