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2016 Annual Report: A Challenging Year for Emergency Management

Jul 19, 2017 Back
2016 Annual Report: A Challenging Year for Emergency Management


July 19, 2017


2016 Annual Report: A Challenging Year for Emergency Management

(Houston, Texas) -- The Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (HCOHSEM) has released its 2016 Annual Report. The report summarizes HCOHSEM’s challenges, operations and key accomplishments during the past year.

“Harris County faced a variety of challenges during 2016, including the extreme rainfall events that affected our county for a second year in a row,” said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. “Disasters like these remind us of our area’s vulnerability to natural disasters.”

The historic flooding of 2016 claimed several lives and caused extensive property damage. Hand in hand with volunteer and non-profit organizations from across the region, HCOHSEM is working with local, state and federal partners to expedite the recovery process and get assistance to the affected communities.

The Harris County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was activated 10 times in 2016 for various incidents, eight of which were for severe weather. HCOHSEM also played an active role during the Zika virus outbreak, the NCAA Final Four Championship and preparing for Super Bowl 51.

In addition, HCOHSEM continues to provide numerous training opportunities for staff and partners to help them develop essential emergency management skills, reinforce EOC responsibilities and introduce new technology.

“I am truly proud of HCOHSEM’s accomplishments and the partner organizations that are instrumental to our success,” added Emmett. “While we cannot eradicate disasters, we will work with our local jurisdictions, emergency preparedness partners and the public to be ready for the next emergency.”

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