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Tropical Storm Gert Forms, Not a Threat to Texas

Aug 13, 2017 Back

Tropical Storm Gert Forms, Not a Threat to Texas

What is the danger?

The seventh named storm of the 2017 Hurricane Season Tropical Storm Gert has formed in the open Atlantic, but is not a threat to Texas.

What you should do:

While Tropical Storm Gert will not impact Texas, the chance of a storm developing in the Gulf of Mexico is the highest between August and October.

All residents should have a plan for tropical weather. If you live in an evacuation zone and will need assistance evacuating, please call 2-1-1 and register today. Go to www.readyharris.org for hurricane preparedness information and to sign up for emergency alerts.

HCOHSEM's ReadyHarris mobile app puts the power to build a personalized preparedness plan in the palm of your hand. The free app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Where you can learn more:

Tropical Weather Information: National Hurricane Center

Local Forecast: NWS Forecast Office Houston/Galveston, TX

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