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Flood Safety Awareness Week: Know Your Risks

Apr 07, 2017 Back

April 7, 2017

Flood Safety Awareness Week: Know Your Risks

In the last five years, all fifty states have experienced flooding. No region is safe from flooding, especially in this part of the state. We live in a flood-prone county and it is important for residents to understand the risk flooding poses to not only their safety, but to their homes and property.

It takes just a few inches of water to cause major property damage. People often turn to a homeowner’s insurance company for assistance when unexpected property loss occurs. However, homeowners insurance excludes flood damage. Insurance for flooding is available, but must be purchased as a standalone policy.

Only flood insurance will cover the damage from floods. The damage from flooding can be widespread and unpredictable. More than twenty percent of all national flood insurance claims are filed by people living outside of mapped high-risk flood areas. If you do not have flood insurance, consider purchasing it as unpredictable spring weather approaches. Flood insurance takes thirty days to take effect.

Determine your risk of flash flooding by knowing your proximity to streams. Densely populated areas are at a greater risk for flash flooding because pavement and concrete increases runoff. Less water being absorbed by the ground means there is more water available to overwhelm storm drains and flood low-lying areas.

For outdoor enthusiasts, it is important to be aware of rain potential before you head out—especially if fishing or camping near a body of water. A creek that is only six-inches deep can rise up to 10 feet if an area is inundated with intense rainfall. Quick water level rises, a muddy discoloration or loud noise may be a sign of trouble upstream meaning you should move to safer ground.

Take care to protect yourself, your family, and your property against the threat of flooding.

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