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Flood Safety Awareness Week: Historic Flooding

Apr 06, 2017 Back

April 6, 2017

Flood Safety Awareness Week: Historic Flooding

For a second year in a row, severe floods impacted Harris County in 2016. Flooding in April, May and June devastated many communities hit less than a year before. Notably the “Tax Day” Flood brought our area to a halt as it dumped historic amounts of rain. This storm produced more than 16 inches of rain, the equivalent of 240 billion gallons of water in a few hours. Authorities reported several flood-related fatalities, thousands of high-water rescues, 40,000 flooded vehicles and close to 10,000 flooded homes during this period.

While we have highly trained first responders, officials and organizations skilled at responding to flooding disasters, it is important to be responsible for your own safety and the safety of your family. Make sure you are prepared for a flooding event in your area. Talk to you family about what to do when waters start to rise and always stay informed.

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